Friday, August 13, 2010

Please go to for updated information on our sale!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


We are very close to confirming the new location of our 5th Annual Sale. Check back in the coming weeks for more information. The date is likely to be October 9th, 2010, but will be confirmed with the location. Thanks to Angola by the Bay for being a wonderful host to us for the past 3 years!

We hope you will join us at out new and larger location!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Remember the more care you put into cleaning and tagging the quicker your items will sell!!!

How to fill out tag

Please note that the top AND bottom of the tag need to be filled out by the consigner with MATCHING information. See example below.

“No” is your consigner number

“Style” is what the item is “coat” “book” “tool set” “crib” “dvd”

“Size” - “24months” “2T”

“Price” must be in $.25 increments. Items that are not priced by this rule will be removed and NOT SOLD! Ask yourself, “Would I pay this much for this item”, and then price accordingly.

Do NOT use "$" or cent sign

When taping or pinning the prices to your item DO NOT TAPE OR PIN THE BOTTOM PORTION OF THE TAG as we will be removing it a check out to keep track of whose item it is!!!! Ensure that your consignor number and a price is clear!!

one of the tags provided with a safety pin to the right shoulder of the garment as it faces you. Tags can ALSO be LOOPED through a button hole or manufactures tag. The object is to make sure tags are securely fastened. The tag will need your consignor number (provided to you when you picked up your tags), short description and price on both the top and bottom portions. Please do not make any corrections to the tags once you have filled them out. If changes need to be made, make a new tag.

Put all clothing on hangers with the hook of the hanger facing left. (hangers will not be returned to the consignor). Two-piece outfits should be placed on one hanger with the shirt on the front and the shorts/pants safety pinned to the back. Please use 1” or bigger safety pins and

Any item that is missing a tag CANNOT BE SOLD!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Please keep this in mind when you are securing your tags!!!

For small items or items that have several pieces, use a Ziploc bag and tape shut. Place the price tag on the outside of the bag with packing tape. Small items include: toys, socks, onesies, etc. . Do not be frugal with the tape when you are securing small items. We have lots of little hands that test these often while their parents are shopping.


· Outfits sometimes sell better than single items, put shirts together with coordinating pants/shorts

· Fasten shoes together securely with a safety pin or string, and then safety pin your tag to them.

· All items that require batteries need to be in working order with batteries

· Make sure the items are clean – Mr Clean’s magic eraser to help get any dirt off the items – this will also help the item smell clean which is inviting

· Securely tape any pieces that are removable

· Use large clear bags for any bedding sets. Ziploc just created a new large bag that would work well for this.

· Games and puzzles need to be securely taped so pieces do not get lost during the sale

· Books being sold together can be placed in zip loc bags with the tags taped to the outside of the bag. Please be careful when taping a tag to a book – tape can tear some books! If taping a tag to a single book, place the tape on the backside of the book.

· Computer games, Videos and DVD's need to be securely taped or put in a ziplock bag so that the tape and the cover do not get separated.

· Include instructions if you have them

· There are many first time moms and dads that shop - your tag description can help them know what is very helpful for their newborn.

· Consignor is responsible to assemble any large items that have multiple pieces (beds, play sets, swings, etc)

Things to keep in mind while pricing your items

Shoppers are likely to have $20, $30, $50 with them. Pricing your items
high will result in them
NOT being sold. If you plan to donate unsold items, pricing
them high could result in them not selling and being donated to charity.

Clothing should be no more than $3.00 unless it is
TOP Brand. Shoppers
are looking for

Price you items as if you were the buyer and not the seller.� Ask
yourself, "How much would I pay for this?"

Package similar items together for quicker sale.� For example, match a
top with a bottom, similar theme/age books, pairs of socks, blankets or
smaller toys etc. Clothing that is priced at $1.00 does well if paired
with similar type. For example, instead of pricing 3 separate onesies
at $1.00 each, combine the 3 onesies as 1 item and sell for a price of
$3 or $4 dollars.�

When selecting your price for the item, think of the very least you
would consider taking for it and consider that for your price�

If someone comes to the sale and gets lots of bargains, they are
probably going to tell their friends. The success of MOMS Club of
Rehoboth Beach Area, DE, Children's Consignment Sale, depends on a
good turnout of shoppers. If we give them the bargains that they want,
it will grow each year.

Suggested Prices
Shirts $1-3 Shoes (Stride Rite) $2-4
Pants $1-5 Shoes (other) $1-3
Dresses (casual) $1-4 Outfits (2+ pieces) $2 - 8
Dresses (fancy) $3-8 Infant Rompers $1-4
Skirts/Skorts $1-4 Pajamas $1-3
Jackets $2-5
Coats $2-10

Baby Equipment Maternity
Stroller-Single $5-35 Casual Tops $2-7
Stroller-Double $10-40 Dressy Tops $3-7
Stroller w/ Carseat $10-30 Shorts $3-5
Pack 'n Play $5-15 Pants $3-7
Swings $5-20 Dresses $3-7
Cribs* $10-50 Career Outfits $5-10
Crib/Bedding Sets $5-10

Brand and style dictate price

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from the MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®, Children’s Consignment Sale - please read and acknowledge your acceptance of the following Terms of Agreement

  • Seller agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®, the Officers of MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®, the lessors of the space where the sale is held, any volunteer or paid participants in MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®, for the damage, theft or loss of any items consigned to MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®. MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® does not anticipate any thefts, damage, or loss but occasionally these events may occur.
  • Seller agrees to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from participation in MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® Childrens’ Consignment Sale from whatever cause either foreseen or unforeseen against the MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®, the Officers of MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE®, the lessors of the space where the sale is held, any volunteer or paid participants in MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® Childrens’ Consignment Sale.

Seller understands that it is their responsibility to fill out each item's tag completely and properly. Seller agrees that any item found WITHOUT A CONSIGNOR NUMBER or an INVALID CONSIGNOR NUMBER on their tag will NOT be sold.

  • Seller agress that ITEMS NOT PICKED UP by the end of the designated pick-up period will become the property of MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® and be donated to charity or any other sources that could benefit from them.
  • Seller agress that no claims will be made against MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® for any discrepancies involving items placed in the sale.
  • Seller agrees to cash issued proceed checks within two (2) weeks of the date of the check. Seller proceed checks will be mailed approximately 2 weeks after the close of the sale.
  • Seller agrees that the distribution of proceeds from the sale of each item will be as follows: Seller will have a $5.00 participation fee deducted from the top of their earnings check and a $1 fee deducted after that if the Seller does not provide a self-addressed stamped envelope at check-in on Friday, October 12th. The seller will receive 75% of the remainder of their profits and a local charity will receive 15%. The remaining 10% will be retained by the MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® to help fund future sales.

The MOMS Club of Rehoboth Beach Area, DE® is pleased to announce that at the conclusion of the sale, 15% of all proceeds will be donated to the Children's Beach House. Since this will be a group donation, individual tax deduction forms will not be issued.

At the conclusion of the sale, consignors have the option to donate their unsold items to a local charity, items donated will not be considered tax-deductible.

Print Name _________________________________________________

Sign Name _________________________________________________

Date ________________________________

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Children’s Consignment Sale Reaps Huge Benefits for All

2006 Sale Details

At 8:40 am on Saturday, October 21 a line began to form at the Rolling Meadows Club House door as shoppers prepared for our Club’s first ever Children’s Consignment Sale. While shoppers surveyed the large items (strollers, high chairs, exer-saucers) in the outdoor tent, event organizers, Alisha Melesky and Jennifer Cowan prepared everything - All items were tagged and sorted; Cashiers and baggers were ready; Shopping baskets were distributed among the crowd. At 9:00 am the door opened and the pandemonium began.

Within just the first 45 minutes, the toy tables were practically empty and the tent was cleared. By the end of the first hour, the cashiers breathed a collective sigh as their lines slowed and volunteers moved around the room straightening the clothing racks. When Robin Fantl from DE Health & Social Services arrived, she was surprised to see that so few items remained.

Overall, the Sale was a huge success. Shoppers, thrilled with their finds, commented positively on the quality and quantity of the items. Sellers saw huge rewards. DEH&SS received some excellent supplies, and Read Aloud Delaware earned a substantial donation. In addition, the event demonstrated to the community how the MOMS Club can positively affect local families. KUDOS to Alisha and Jennifer and all of their volunteers for a great event.


$2,500+ Gross ticket sales

905 Items sold

24 Consignors

$600 Approximate donation to Read Aloud Delaware

42 Shoppers waiting at the door for sale to begin